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  1. In Take a Seat, Dominic tells the story of his incredible journey. Over twenty-six months, he covered 18, miles down the west coast of the Americas, passed through fifteen countries, was looked after by countless strangers, crashed into a Mexican banana truck, was nearly attacked by a mob of Bolivian political demonstrators, cycled past active volcanoes, and didn’t have a single haircut/5(35).
  2. Take A Seat. Phrase used when telling a fellow to take a seat. originally developed by 2 sophmores in highschool, take a seat is sweeping the general group of people they hang out with by storm. when telling one to take a seat one must make an OK sign with .
  3. Aug 13,  · To be seated; to select a place to sit. (Often an invitation or request.) Hi, Sean, thank you for coming to see me, please take a seat. I was running a bit late to class, so I just took a seat .
  4. RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR TAKE A SEAT. sat. verbrest on one's behind. be seated. bear on. cover. ensconce. give feet a rest. grab a chair.
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  6. take a back seat Occupy an inferior position; allow another to be in control. For example, Linda was content to take a back seat and let Nancy run the meeting. This idiom uses back seat in contrast to the driver's seat, that is, the one in control.

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