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  1. Albedo represents some of Vangelis ' most fascinating material from the early portion of his career. Using transforming tonal washes and lengthy runs of calm but effective synthesizer passages, Vangelis tackles the wonder and allure of the galaxy and its planetary bodies, making for an entertaining display of his keyboard expertise.6/
  2. Vangelis' composing in Albedo at times - though not always - seems a bit coarse, abrupt and when it comes to changing keys, simplistic (there should be more modulation involved) and a tad too obvious (arguably, the often maligned but in my view also great Chariots of Fire, for /5().
  3. Jul 29,  · Albedo is a Space Engineers game server. Much of the content of this website is the property of Keen Software House and used with permission.
  4. Apr 09,  · Albedo: The reflecting power of a planet or other non-luminous body. A perfect reflector would have an albedo of %. The Earth's albedo is 39% or /5().
  5. Albedo Vangelis New Age · Preview SONG TIME Pulstar. 1. PREVIEW Freefall. 2. PREVIEW Mare Tranquillitatis. 3.
  6. Albedo was released between these other two and is also among Vangelis better albums. The second half of the 70's was Vangelis strongest and most consistent period and it was also during this period that his music had the closest relation to progressive Rock/5.
  7. Albedo: Albedo: The information on this WEB is ONLY for private use. Transcribed by René Staal. Thanks to: Doug McKay. Website made by: Henk Engelen For information / contact: mail me.
  8. ALBEDO 1LP Greek electronic composer Vangelis created his piece Albedo while influenced by the blues and jazz music. The concept album is themed around space physics and the title is based on the planet's albedo; the proportion of the light it receives that is reflected back into space.

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